LRKR (pron. lerker) is a solo multi-instrumentalist and electronic music producer based in Brooklyn, New York.
 A drummer at heart, LRKR focuses on rhythm to craft his sound. On top of that he layers live sounds, from trumpet, didgeridoo, piano and guitar; plus strings, flutes, and analog synthesizers. In 2015, LRKR self-released his first EP Wait Too Long, which is a combination of songs he wrote and produced in college from '09-'13, but never fully polished until later. The blog thrdcoast refers to the Wait Too Long EP as “… the kind of music that draws you into a hazy, lose-track-of-time kind of flow, while still keeping you on your toes.” Soundfix endorses it saying, “make sure to listen to the darkly ambient beats.” In 2016, LRKR released Getting Along, an EP that combines acoustic piano and guitar with electronic synthesizers and 808 drums. One of 8 children, LRKR was born in Kansas City, MO and grew up in St. Louis. Currently he resides in Brooklyn and spends most of his days working on new music in his Bushwick studio. New singles can be found on the discography page.

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